Slip Board Fencing

Slip Board Fencing is a very convenient horse fence. It is easy to replace boards or make new temporary openings. Slip Board Fencing is also a good backyard dog fence. It can be combined with electric or woven wire and will contain most livestock. Slip board fencing is easy to maintain. This fence adds beauty and function to your estate.

L.B. Fencing has the equipment, material and experience for building many designs of slip board fencing. We are pleased to offer slip board fencing for pasture fencing, decorative estate fences, and backyard fencing. Give us a call, we work with the design you need.

Standard Post

  • 3″ x 6” x 7’-8′ Square Treated Pine Posts
  • 4” x 6” x 7’-8’ Square Treated Pine Posts
  • 5″ x 5″ or 6″ x 6″ Corner, Gate and End Posts
  • Square posts available in Treated Pine Only
  • 9′ Standard Post Spacing

Standard Fence Height

  • 7ft post length – approx 48” to 54” high fence
  • 8ft post length – approx 55” to 65” high fence

Note: These are average post heights. Every job is handled in a case by case basis depending on design and soil conditions.

Standard Slip Boards 

Standard Boards Available in:

  • Treated Pine, Oak & Hemlock
  • 11/8”  Board Thickness
  • 6” Board Width
  • 10’ Board Length

Note: Other sizes available upon request

Standard Board Spacing

  • 3 boards – 16” on Center
  • 4 boards – 12” to 16” on Center

Note: These spacings are average. We build to customer’s design.